Organization {Bathroom Cabinets and Linen Closets}

Use a wine rack to store and display your wash towels 

Use baskets to help organize and display your towels on shelves 

Use wallpaper or decorative paper to dress the inside of cabinet doors. Use with shelves for extra storage

Use riser shelves for double shelving. Hang your scissors and small tools. Use magnetic bins to store your elastics, bobby pins, etc. Use acrylic bins for a contained look

Install a sliding drawer for easy access to toiletries stored in the rear of the cabinet

When it comes to organizing your bathroom cabinets and linen closets remember that uniformity and containment is always best. Don't be afraid to be unconventional.
What bathroom organization tricks do you live by??

Stay tuned for more posts about organization. I am now obsessed with all things organization!


Plami said...

Thank you for this inspirational post!


Anonymous said...

My mom uses wine racks for her towels, similar to the first image. And I am so with you on keeping things organized!

Wahkuna Maelyn said...

Love this post!! I'm totally obsessed with home organization too! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be saving this for my future reference!

portable crib bedding said...

Gorgeous! Love your cabinets...