Olivia Palermo + Tibi

We all know that Olivia Palermo is a huge wearer/admirer of the Tibi line. So when I initially saw a Tibi ad, on Coco + Kelley, featuring the stylish socialite I just had to take a peak. Not only was I impressed by the Spring 2011 collection, but the clothing being styled on the ever chic Olivia Palermo made it even more appealing. Well done!


Emily Anne said...

i LOVE this line.
it looks fab on olivia as well!

Michaela said...

I love these pictures!

LadyB said...

Loved the jacket in the first picture

Sara said...

I love TIBI :D

She looks great :)


Vera said...

loving the first look. olivia looks great xx

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Olivia is so gorgeous and I love Tibi creations :-)

Happy Wednesday, cheers: Evi

Styleta said...

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