I've Been Nominated!

I was recently nominated by the fabulous Meera of Moments with Meera and the lovely Sara of Dwell and Design for my first blog award and I'm so excited and extremely flattered. Below I will share 7 things about myself and nominate 15 other stylish bloggers. Thanks Meera and Sara!

Seven Things You Don't Know About Me
  1. I have a black cat named Domino AKA Domi
  2. I've been with my college sweetheart for 8 years!
  3. I am OBSESSED with any and all things chocolate!
  4. I think I can sing like Mariah Carey ;)
  5. I wear black 6 -7 days a week
  6. I own over 50 pairs of shoes-smh
  7. My middle name is Asha
Here are my 15 fab nominees for the Stylish Blogger Award. Nominees, you must link back to the person who nominated you, list 7 things about yourself and nominate 15 of your fav stylish blogs as well.

CHIC Sensibility's Stylish Nominees
  1. Absolutely Ladylike
  3. Aphro Chic
  4. Couture Carrie
  5. Ellesappelle
  6. Ever Fallen In Love
  7. Kendi Everyday
  8. Lulu and the Style
  9. Made By Girl
  10. Makeunder My Life
  11. Monica Rose
  12. Naima's Closet
  13. Slumber Designs
  14. Style Porn
  15. Vera
Stay Stylishly CHIC!


Jess LC said...

Thanks so much for the nomination, that is so sweet of you!

Have a great weekend,

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your award, darling, and thank you so much for honoring me!

Love your facts... I wear tons of black too!


Anonymous said...

You've been with your college sweetheart for 8 years? Ooo Girl! I've been with mine for 5, and I joke that the ring gets bigger the longer he waits ;)

Michaela said...

Thank you so much for the nomination! It's my first blog award too!


congrats to you!

Vera said...

aww thanks for nominating me:) thats so sweet! im following your blog now Xx

Renee said...

Oh my goodness! Congrats to you and thank you for paying it forward! Stay CHIC!



Style Porn said...

Golly, I'm honored ;) Thanks for the props girl! And holy cow, 8 years. I have to admit that's the fact I'm most impressed by!!