Model Jewelry

I noticed that the models I featured in the last post as well as the others from the SI shoot, have been rocking some appetizing jewelry.

Well I found out that most of the jewelry featured were from Dogeared. Known for their string and pendant jewelry, they have expanded to some cool wood bracelets found on many celebrities. I've always loved their necklaces, but I think this summer everyone will be layering up these bracelets.

I found these similar bracelets at Forever 21. They aren't made of wood, but for the price ($3.80) they are more economical and much easier to layer.


closeup said...


Anonymous said...

I like the bracelets, alot! Ava.

Yoshi said...

Hey! :)

Yes it is Balmain indeed. I'm thinking of buying it but I'm trying to resist! hehe.

I actually CAME ACROSS a diy on a blog last night. I'll see if I can find it for you! I'll email you with the link if I locate it. xxx

Anonymous said...

cute jewelry. i love the bracelets the most :)

clouds of tulle said...

thanks for your comment.

the bracelets are very cute!

Tina said...

the white beads are so pretty!

189m said...

i love that black bracelet with the cross, i want it !

Juliet said...

I'm actually seeing these bracelets more often, great thing that you posted it, I think I might want one.

Much Love

Juliet said...

It is incredibly cheap especially when the US currency. has an advantage of the AUS currency.
No problem


Gypsy Lynne said...

i love the "love" necklace! :)

Let's dress up ! said...

I love those bracelets especially in white <3
I was wondering if you understood french. Thanks for the comment ;)

MizzJ said...

Very cute and so simple, sometimes I wonder why I buy jewellery when it looks so easy to do oneself :p

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